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Matcha Premium has extra ingredients from Japanese Apricot Flavored L-Carnitine Matcha Tea.






  • Ingredients: Yeşilçay-Matcha (25%), apricot (12.5%), spirulina, cinnamon, l-Carnitine, sandalos gum, chrome piccolonate (contains 120ug chromium), l- Arginine, stevia, tragacanth, cinnamon.


  • Product preparation: It is recommended to consume a pack (8 gr) of powder mixed with 200 ml of water, milk or 1 bowl of yogurt, 2 times a day, on a full stomach. for.)


  • The brand patent owner and manufacturer company is Bilge Pharmaceuticals, Herbal Products and Cosmetics Inc. All of our products are supplied from the manufacturer. MM GROUP COSMETICS AND SCI. TRADE. LTD. STI. It is sold and distributed by the authorized dealer company.


  • Original and hologram banderol products.


  • Net quantity: 20 pcs x 8gr.+2 
  • 1 Box - Between 160-200gr.

Apricot Flavored L-Carnitine Matcha Tea (Apricot Aroma) - 2 Box

  • Contents:Yeşilçay-Matcha (25%), apricot (12.5%), spirulina, cinnamon, l-Carnitine, sandalos gum, chromium picolonate (contains 120ug chromium), l- Arginine, stevia, tragacanth, cinnamon.

  • RETURN PROCESS If you want to return the product or products you have ordered through our website for any reason after receipt, the following procedures are applied.

    You can submit your return request to our Customer Service within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the order.0212 438 30 38by phone You need to send   to the address by e-mail.

    After your return reaches our company, our customer service will contact you and complete the return process as soon as possible.

    Things to consider in the return process:

    • Unused and packaging must not be damaged.
    • Products in the return process, with original invoice copies must be sent to us with a letter explaining the reason for the return.
    • Our company is an E-Invoice Payer. (Your invoices are sent to your e-mail address as pdf.)
    • Returns sent by any cargo company other than the cargo companies we work with cannot be accepted by us.

    After your return reaches our warehouse, a notification e-mail is sent to your registered e-mail addresses as soon as possible.

    After the approval of your return, you will be informed via e-mail and the product price will be returned within 7 working days in the same way as the payment type you have chosen.

    Since there is a communication time between the bank systems in refunds related to credit cards, the reflection of the refunded amount on your card takes place within 24-48 hours.

    If your refund does not appear in your account, we recommend that you contact your bank first.

    When you receive your order from the cargo company, the packages must be opened and checked, and in case of any problem (broken product, missing product, torn product, etc.), a report must be attached to the cargo company and the products must be sent to us by the cargo company.



    Is there a Cash on Delivery Delivery? What does it cost?

    Our Cash on Delivery method has not been activated yet.


    When will my order be shipped?

    Your orders, which you have placed until 15.00 on Monday – Friday, will be delivered to the cargo within 24 hours.

    Since Saturday cargo companies work half a day, orders delivered until 10:00 are shipped on the same day or on Monday.

    Orders placed after 10:00 on Saturday and on Sunday will be shipped on Monday.

    Your cargo tracking code of your order delivered to cargo is sent to your registered e-mail addresses within 24 hours.



    Can I change the delivery address information of my order?

    Your delivery address change request for your ordermatchapremiumjapanese@gmail.comWe kindly request you to send it to our address or by contacting our customer service at 0212 438 30 38 number.

    Since your orders are shipped on the same day, this change must be completed as soon as possible.

    If you cannot be found at your address, the courier company leaves a note stating that you can pick up your package from the nearest branch.

    You can receive your package from the specified branch within 3 days.

    If you do not contact within 3 days, the operation of the cargo companies is that your order will turn into an automatic return.

    When you receive the shipping note, we recommend that you contact the Cargo company or the Matcha Premium Japanese Customer Service team to avoid automatic refunds.



    How Many Days Does the Cargo Arrive?

    Your product will be delivered to the cargo company to be delivered to you within 2-3 working days following your order.

    Your orders are issued from our Istanbul, Esenler warehouse.

    Average shipping delivery times?

    • Cargo Companies deliver your package in 1 day up to 600 km from Istanbul, and in 2 working days after 600 km.
    • Saturday half day delivery is made. However, Cargo companies do not deliver on Sundays and Public Holidays.



    Note: There may be differences in the delivery of the product to you due to the cargo system of your region.

    There may be delays in the delivery of your package due to force majeure (snow, flood, hurricane and other situations that cause transportation difficulties).



    Shipping companies delivery days?

    Cargo delivery is made between 09.00 and 18.30 through the cargo company you have chosen.

    Since cargo companies work half a day on Saturdays, deliveries are made until 12:00.

    Cargo companies do not work on Sundays.

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